Benihana, Inc. owns and licenses restaurants in the Benihana and Benihana Grill chain of Japanese dinnerhouses. The restaurants specialize in an exhibition-style of Japanese cooking called teppanyaki. Customers sit around a communal table at which a Benihana chef slices their seafood, steak, chicken, and vegetables with lightning speed, grills their meal right in front of them, and then tosses it accurately onto their plates. The restaurants are decorated with Samurai armor and valuable art, and Shoji rice paper screens partition the dining areas.




Introduction to Teppanyaki

Teppanyaki is a way of cooking as teppan means iron pan and yaki indicates grilling in Japanese. The best part of teppanyaki is that cooking and eating can be done in the same place. Teppanyaki is a fun idea for a home party. Using an electric pan is an easy way to enjoy teppanyaki at home. Cut any meat/vegetables you would like into bite-sized pieces. Then, grill them on the pan at the table. As food are cooked, dip them in the dipping sauce and eat.

 For the dipping sauce, bottled yakiniku sauce are often available at Asian stores. If you prefer, marinate the meat in the sauce before cooking.  Pre-steamed chukamen noodles for yakisoba and pre-boiled udon noodles are often cooked in teppanyaki.

Common Teppanyaki Ingredients:
cabbage / bean sprouts / shiitake mushroom / onion / scallop / shrimp / beef loin / pork chops or ribs / sausages / carrot / potato / egg plants / corn / green bell pepper / yakisoba noodles